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We take your privacy very seriously

We aim to be as transparent as possible when it comes to you and your data by providing you a resource on how we approach, store and use any data gathered on our websites.


Looking for the latest information on our GDPR policy and how we are ensuring that we are compliant?  Take a look at:


Your privacy

Our sites aim to keep any data collection anonymous or offer complete transparency when requesting data.  We ensure all data that is gathered is done so lawfully.  We have put together a simple privacy statement that explains what data we collect, how it is collected, stored and used.


Third Party Providers

We use a number of third party providers and outline their uses on our websites in our Privacy Statement and also our GDPR Policy Document.  However, for a full list of our Third Party Providers, please see:


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GDPR Compliance Document

New Star Media Ltd. Compliance Document outlines how we are ensuring that we conform to the guidelines set out by GDPR.

New Star Media GDPR Compliance

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