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Reduce all important response times and increase conversion to sale.

We live in a "want it now" society where people want answers to questions fast. The difference between you selling a vehicle and your competitor selling a vehicle often comes down to who has the right answers at the right time. Engine Rooms Livechat module allows you to cater to modern trends in consumer communication preferences and converse on your customers terms as they browse your website. The aim is to also generate new leads, rather than cannibalize existing ones, and encourage those who would not normally contact the dealership to chat with you. Livechat brings your website to life and and helps you connect with visitors who would have left anonymously. 

Online. All the time.

Many of the visits to your website happen when you aren't at the dealership. From mobile apps so your team can respond at home to a team of messaging professionals to respond on your behalf we'll make sure you don’t miss an opportunity. 

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We pride ourselves on our customer service. Here at New Star Media we really get involved with you and your business to help you sell more.

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Online marketing is what is driving the industry at the moment. Our experts can help support your team or even provide a fully managed service.

Engine Room Express offers a quick and cost effective solution starting from £99.

Get Engine room services quickly with a simple to install plug-in if you have have an existing site, or we can build you a site using an express template.