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Our automotive website platform, Engine Room, has one of the most fully fleshed out feature-sets on the market today so we can cater for almost any need you may have.

We not only have one of the largest feature-sets available - we offer everything as standard. No add-ons, no extra payments. Once you're on Engine Room, you get access to everything we have created and anything we have planned for the future. Please note that charges may apply if you are using third party services.

Bespoke web design

The design process

We work closely with you to look at your business needs and identify how we can improve on what you have built. We then collaborate with you to develop an outstanding product and deliver it within time and with ongoing support.
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Responsive design

When we build sites, we build them to work on every device and screen type. The way in which customers consume information has dramatically changed over the last few years and responsive design is a must.
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Out of the box SEO

Good looking sites are great. But pointless if no one can find it. Our sites are always built with SEO in mind.
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Add blogs and news

Blogs and news items are a great way to keep your customers informed. But there is also an added benefit of fresh content for search engines that can really boost your search rankings if used right. Engine Room gives you a simple and easy interface to achieve this.
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We can create campaign landing pages

We can really boost your PPC and other advertising campaigns by working with you to build highly relevant landing pages, to increase your conversion rates and lower your costs.
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Here at New Star Media we build some of the best looking sites in the industry. Come and take a look for yourself and see what we can do.
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Manage your stock

Unlimited vehicles, photos and videos

You're completely free to present your vehicles however you want. Really make your stock stand out with high quality photos and full video.
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Quick and easy vehicle data integration

We've made it so simple to add your stock. With a quick VRM lookup, we can get everything you need to know about your vehicle.
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Auto-feed to third party sites

Put your stock on just once, through Engine Room, and we'll auto-feed your stock to a number of third party sites including Auto Trader, eBay, Motors.co.uk and many more.
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Import your existing stock easily

Getting started on Engine Room is painless, especially when it comes to importing your existing stock. In most cases you don't need to do anything as we can instantly import your stock directly into Engine Room.
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Offer services and options

Offer your customers finance options

Being able to offer finance options to customers are often essential to dealers and now you can allow your customers to construct their own finance deal across your entire vehicle stock.
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Part exchange

One of the most popular enquiry types has to be that of part exchange. Engine Room allows you to offer your customers an online part exchange service, giving you leads in real time and providing the customer with a smoother process.
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Servicing and MOT's

Aftersales and service are often overlooked on dealers websites. We don't think this should be the case. Through Engine Room we can build a variety of service and MOT booking solutions.
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Reserve vehicles online

Allow your customers to reserve vehicles online by adding a "Reserve Now" button to your website and defining the deposit amount.
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Live chat

Add a live chat option on your website so that you can interact with customers using your site in real time both when you're in the office or anywhere using mobile apps.
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Other features

Advanced searching

Users need to be able to find what it is they're looking for. We offer a wide range of searching capabilities that can be added to your Engine Room site.
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Add customer reviews

We have partnered with the likes of Feefo, Revoo and Judge Service to enable you to show off your excellent customer service standards to potential customers.
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Market to your customers

Engine Room gives you the tools to build up a database of customers and the ability to use that data to market to them in a number of ways.
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Save and compare

Giving users the ability to quickly save and compare your stock can often lead to increased conversions and quickly re-engage returning users.
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Phone number tagging

To help inform you how well your real world advertising campaigns are performing we can dynamically track calls to you and identify where your leads have come from.
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Image enhancement services

Better images can really increase conversions both on your site and on third party sites. We can improve your images and even replace backdrops - and we make it incredibly simple.
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Content Management System (CMS)

Engine Room offers a simple and easy to use CMS that allows you to edit entire pages or just a phone number.
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Point of sale

We can do amazing things online, but we also offer customised silent salesmen brochures, stock list print outs and more.
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